Old Navy Style Council

Being pregnant pretty much nonstop for 2 years and then the mysterious holes in my shirts debacle has pretty much decimated my tiny little wardrobe. I’ve put off restocking because I was afraid to take two small children into a clothing store and fitting room. But when Jennifer a.k.a. Real Posh Mom, who will be my roommate this year at BlogHer in NYC, told me about a CrowdTap event happening yesterday at Old Navy Park Lane in Dallas I packed both the kids and the double stroller and headed out anyway!

I wish I would have taken more pictures of their wonderful summery clothes. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time corralling my kids and picking out my own clothing. I just had to take a shot of this rack of colorful skirts, though:

I really love their selection of affordable tops too, and will probably head back over there on one of my Mother’s Day Out mornings in the next few weeks.

Check out their selection of shoes

Here are a few outfits I put together.

You can see the heads of my children in the dressing room mirror. They were surprisingly well behaved, considering that this also happened during their nap time.
Here’s the outfit I finally ended up with:

For more shots of the clothes and my kids in the store, check out my #OldNavyStyleCouncil Google+ album.

I’m thinking perhaps I’ll wear those shoes to a BlogHer party in NYC! Who’s with me?

NOTE: I received a coupon from CrowdTap for a free Old Navy bottom (the shorts) and shoes. Opinions about Old Navy and their clothing and the insanity of taking children shopping in a large store are purely my own.

P.S. It’s true that there’s nothing “green” about this post. However, I spent the morning chasing chickens around my yard before heading to Old Navy. So, there’s that.