Real Diaper Week 2012: Just Do It

I’m proud to be emotionally and mentally supporting Real Diaper Week this week (April 16-21), as well as The Great Cloth Diaper Change on April 21st. “real” diapers, of course, being cloth diapers! On April 21st, cloth diapering mamas assemble all across the nation to simultaneously change their babies’ bums with cloth. Once again, I slacked off and did not register in time for the Dallas/Fort Worth event hosted by the DFW Cloth Diaper Group. But I can guarantee you that I will be changing no fewer than 7 cloth diapers that day, as I do every day with two children still in {cloth} diapers!

In honor of Day 1, Cloth Diaper 101, I am going to be lazy and list the posts I have done on this topic for the CottonBabies blog, and only one from my own blog. This is because the posts I’ve done in the past about my diaper stash and washing process are outdated and need to be updated!

So, check out these great basic tutorials:

Have fun, and change a real diaper (or two, or 500) this week!

One thought on “Real Diaper Week 2012: Just Do It

  1. tempppo says:

    It is great to hear about real people who do cloth diapering. Sometimes I read stuff online about cloth diapers and diaper care, and I have a vision in my mind of the “perfect” cloth diapering mama. Which I am not. At least 6 of my diapers are 4 years old, and (some of them) have been refurbished — by me — with only my hands and no machine — in the oodles of spare time I have as a mother of 3 kids under the age of 4. ┬áSo it is nice to read about someone who admits some of the details of life that are less than ideal, and to know that you also are doing your best with the cloth diapering route. Thank you!

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