My garden: all the little sproutlings!

The storms we had last week were really great for our little garden! We have quite a few little sproutlings coming up, and I bought a few more plants on sale that were already started. Here’s a long shot, the wooden teepee aparatus is for the the peas – SproutRobot told me to do that so they could climb up it. I do whatever SproutRobot tells me to do!


Here are the peas again:

The peas

The tomatoes and one bell pepper plant

Tomatoes and bell pepper

Two beet plants and then one random plant that popped up – there at the bottom. I am not sure what it is, but I didn’t plant it there – I think the seed must have washed over there during the deluge and planted itself. It is possible that it is spinach. I thought we had lost all the spinach. So it would be great if it is!

Beets and something random

My main question now is whether I have enough room in the garden for more plants? I’d like to plant arugula and something else but I don’t want to crowd everybody in there. I assume all the present sproutlings are going to expand as they turn into full size plants. Will I have any space left? Anybody know?