This is an archive of the Living Consciously blog published regularly from approximately 2007 until 2015. All image links were broken in 2015 during a migration.

I am from East Texas and have lived in the Dallas, Texas area since 2001. I worked for 10+ years in technology and social media. Since staying home with my 3 kids beginning in 2011, I have continuted to work part time as a fitness instructor. For several of those years, I found community and practiced my writing with this blog and as a guest writer for other blogs.

When this blog was active, also blogged for Dallas Moms Blog, was a speaker at BlogHer 2013 in Chicago and a speaker at ShiftCon social media conference in 2015.

At the time I wrote this blog, I was a flexitarian who was passionate about clean eating (GMO-free), avoiding phthalates and other endocrine disruptors, and fitness. I cloth diapered two babies consecutively and simultaneously and researched how to make choices for my family that reduced our impact on the environment, limited our toxin exposure, and promoted less waste overall. Even then, I was always honest about living in the real world and making real choices. The blog existed to sympathize with the struggle to find balance and to encourage readers and friends on the journey together.

About the Blog

Living a conscious life in the context of this blog included being conscious of the impact we have on the earth by green living and considerate of my own body’s natural health and wellness capabilities through fitness, nutrition, and a low-toxin lifestyle. Other topics dear to my heart at the time: natural childbirth, yoga, feminism, clean eating, low- or gluten-free food, nontoxic body care and advocacy to halt climate change and reduce the toxins in our environment.