This Year at BlogHer 2011

San Diego
I’ve been trying to figure out how to sum up the experience that was BlogHer 2011. Even though I had a baby with me the whole time and couldn’t participate in a lot of the parties at night, this year was even more amazing than last year! I didn’t take very many pictures, and I am sorry about that. I’ll post a few today and more later.

This year I felt like I knew a lot more bloggers, mostly thanks to relationships through Twitter! I got to meet several awesome ladies in real life who I been talking to on Twitter for months. It was so fun!

Me and Galit!!
Galit Breen of These Little Waves and me!

This year I did a lot of nursing in public! Because Little Lady would get fussy in sessions that I was supposed to be live-tweeting, I had to pretty much expose myself to keep her quiet while I tweeted with my free hand. Did I feel self-conscious about NIP? Not at all. I was much more self-conscious about someone finding out that I had a bottle in my room to mix 2 ounces of formula with her rice cereal every night (for the reflux).

This year I was paid to live-tweet and later write blog posts for Blue Volcano Media, so I was able to focus on the content of the sessions and extrapolate the most meaningful parts more easily.

This year I missed Voices of the Year because my daughter needed her rice cereal and was being extremely fussy, which really made me sad. Voices of the Year is what reminds us all of why we blog, so I’m looking forward to finding it on the podcast later and listening.

This year Ricki Lake spoke at the closing keynote about the power of social media in her fundraising for More Business of Being Born. Needless to say, she’s a hero to the birthing community for birth junkies like myself. I GOT TO MEET HER! She is so relational that she offered to meet and talk to anyone who came to the tequila bar to meet up with her, so I did. I am sure I looked like a slobbering idiot, “I have had 2 births in a birth center, I’ve never had an OB/GYN, and you are my hero”. Doh. But she was nice enough to take this picture with me where she looks totally amazing and I look kinda… stunned:
Me and Ricki Lake!!
This year there was a flash mob at the end of lunch on Friday, which I thought was amazing but then someone on Twitter said it was “so passe” and I felt like a n00b. But, here it is anyway:

{video here}

Overall, another amazing, overwhelming, encouraging, and inspiring event. So many blog posts were swirling in my head throughout the whole time! I hope I can remember them all. I will be blogging more about other aspects of BlogHer later, stay tuned!