BlogHer bound!

I’m on my way to BlogHer 2011! I thought I’d write this quick post for all the new friends and companies I’ll meet on my trip this year.


I’m Jenny, and this is Conscientious Confusion, a blog about living consciously. You can find more about me in the About section.

If you met me at BlogHer, I looked like this (I’m updating my Twitter avatar to match – follow me):

And don’t forget to follow the blog of my employer/sponsor Blue Volcano Media, we’ll also be tweeting from San Diego!

I am looking forward to a fun time and to reading new blogs when I get back!

One thought on “BlogHer bound!

  1. My Skoop says:

    awesome blog!! hope you had fun at blogher(i’m jealous! i am totally going next year!) 🙂

    i found you through searching for dallas moms blogs! ! i’m basically trying to reach out to other dallas
    area moms to share a new site i’ve just started. i’m reviewing dallas area fun spots from a mom’s perspective. hope you’ll check it out and follow!! thanks, hoLLy

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