Thanksgiving 2008

I hope everyone had a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving! We had so much fun hosting this year. I really did not feel that it was stressful at all. It was great to have my in-laws and my parents and my sister-in-law and her husband all in one place. We always have so much fun together! I am very thankful to have been blessed by such a great family through marriage.

I have posted previously about my efforts to make the event more “green”, so I’m not going to go into that any further. Update on the tablecloth: I did end up going out and buying a regular tablecloth. FAIL. Oh, well.

I have posted all the pictures on Flickr, so check out the Thanksgiving 2008 set for all the shots, but here are some highlights:

Christian carving the turkey – this was his first turkey to carve, and he did a great job!
The table before adding food.
I made this centerpiece out of chrysanthemums from our garden and some leaves we picked up when we took a walk that morning, as well as some lilies from Whole Foods.
Everyone asks about the tofurky, here is a shot of it before it was carved:
My brother and his family couldn’t make it because he was preparing for a big day at Mugshot the next day and they had family from Christina’s side in town, but he sent coffee beans in his place.
Garrett lives in Chile so everyone took turns talking to him on Skype after the meal:
We had a great day! So many things to be thankful for…