Thanksgiving, 3..2..1..

I haven’t been posting because I’ve been busy preparing for Thanksgiving this weekend! The news so far…

  • Kroger makes me happy once again by their store brand crescent rolls with no trans fat! I posted previously about their cinnamin rolls, but now they’ve added the crescent rolls, I can have them with our meal!
  • Napkins – these have been a pain because, while I know that cloth is probably the most “green”, the only ones I have are a set of only 4 from Crate & Barrel that I never use, and I have 8 people coming. It’s too expensive to buy 4 more and Crate & Barrel no longer makes the style we have. So I went out and bought disposable napkins made of 65% recycled post-consumer waste that come in a recyclable wrapper.
  • Centerpiece – right now, my chrysanthemums are in bloom so I think I am going to put them in a few (mismatched) nice bowls in the middle of the table. I might add some flowers I buy at Whole Foods when I go to pick up the turkey.
  • Wines – I have used the handy tear-out card in the November issue of Real Simple to buy a red and a white wine from their list of wines that pair well with turkey and rich dishes.
  • Coffee – My brother is sending me a bag of Mugshot’s house blend Allann Brothers beans, fair-trade, organic beans. Are they shade grown? I did not ask. 🙁 But the point is, he and Christina and Natali can’t make it, so by having the Mugshot beans, it’s kinda like they are with us!
  • Tablecloth – do not even talk to me about tablecloths. I have still not found one and there is an issue with the table not being large enough for all the guests.