Welcome, Christmas!

So, now that Thanksgiving is over, on to Christmas!

This year we actually 1) put up a tree, and 2) put it up the day after Thanksgiving!

It might not sound amazing, but has only been one other year in our marriage that we’ve had a tree at all, so this is unusual. Part of this is because we end up traveling so much during the holidays that there didn’t seem to be any point. This year not only did we not have to travel for Thanksgiving, but we’ll actually be here in our own beds the night before Christmas!

I’ve also got almost all of our Christmas shopping done, and within the budget!

I would like to thank the lack of artificial hormones in my body for my not-hating-Christmas this year. I think it is the first time in as many years as I can remember that I have not turned into the Grinch for the month of December.

I would also like to thank our families and friends for being so easy-going and un-demanding when it comes to gifts. I don’t feel like anyone has unrealistic or unhealthy gift expectations, we really just all enjoy spending time together during the holidays. It makes the holidays much more pleasant.

Here is Christian’s TwitPic of me decorating the tree:

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