I did something to my foot

On Sunday morning I woke up and my foot didn’t feel right. I honestly have no idea why, but over the last few days it has gotten much worse. Monday I worked from home and kept it elevated all day. I thought that helped, but on Tuesday it was worse. Yesterday I had the brilliant idea to hop directly on it and see what happened. That was a bad idea, it hurt so bad I yelled, and then it was worse from then on. It was at that time that Christian suggested I go to the doctor and I agreed.

Today I tried calling my regular doctor but he didn’t have an appointment until next week. It was getting embarrassing to be limping everywhere and the pain was now pretty significant.

At this point I would like to digress for a minute and point out that the argument some people give against national health care system like the one in Canada is that you have to wait too long for care. I would like to point out that we have very good health insurance (Christian’s company is one of the top largest technology companies in the world), and we live in Dallas, a city with many doctors. But I am unable to get in to see my own doctor for a week. What if it was broken?! Apparently I couldn’t see him before them for love or money. I am just saying…there is something wrong with that. I don’t think the “waiting too long theory” is a good argument against nationalized health care, because it happens now.

Back to the story, I fell back on our most common option, CareNow. I really like CareNow because even though it is open late hours and they have emergency services, it is charged to the insurance as just a regular doctor copay instead of the Urgent Care copay, which is usually higher. Also, you can do Web Check-in, where you enter your information online and they call you when the doctor is ready to see you, so you don’t have to sit in the waiting room for hours. There is still waiting, but it isn’t too bad.

Anywayz, after doing x-rays they determined it wasn’t broken and they think it is just a tendon that is messed up somehow. They have given me a painkiller and some steroids. I have to say I hesitated in taking the drugs, but I do need to get better. I will probably not take the painkillers tomorrow, I think they are making me dizzy/sleepy/nauseous. The steroids only last 5 days and they taper down in dosage each day so I guess that is OK. But the ankle is feeling much better!