T.Hee Gifts in Dallas

Last night I had the opportunity to browse a new store in Dallas called T.Hee with a lot of other bloggers. It is located on Mockingbird and Abrams, literally right down the street from the house we lived in for 2.5 years before and after we had Little Sir. I just love that area and miss it sometimes for sure! That shopping center used to be so deserted in the evenings, but last night when I pulled up, it was really packed! Not just T.Hee, but also Fuzzy’s Taco’s, White Rock Coffee, and another restaurant are now bringing brisk business to the formerly deserted corner.

What does T.Hee sell?
It might be easier to ask what they don’t sell!
Technically, they sell “gifts”.
That might include anything from eco-friendly soy candles…:

Soy Candles @ T-Hee, Dallas TX

…to a huge Vera Bradley corner:

Vera Bradley @ T-Hee, Dallas TX

…to Halloween baby items:

Halloween baby gear @ T-Hee, Dallas TX

…to one of the most extensive collections of Melissa & Doug items that I’ve seen in Dallas so far – larger than at some toy stores! Pictured is one of my favorite items, which I had never seen anywhere else. They are learning placemats that you can color on and wipe off. Little Sir would LOVE the alphabet one!:

Melissa & Doug @ T-Hee, Dallas TX

And here’s the item I saw on their Facebook page that I’m really drooling over – the “Mommy sippy cup”:

"Mommy Sippy" @ T-Hee, Dallas TX

Yep, it’s a plastic wine glass-shaped tumbler with a lid and straw. For those days when bedtime just doesn’t come fast enough!

Another section that really spoke to my cynical side was their huge collection of Anne Taintor items. I just love some of her work, like these phrases/items:

Anne Taintor @ T-Hee, Dallas TX

I’d like to thank T.Hee for inviting us out for the evening! I really enjoyed looking around the store with some wine, and without my children. I am pretty sure that I will be coming back soon for Christmas gifts. There was a really great gift that I think my BFF would love…

NOTE: T.Hee invited me to their shop, provided snacks and a gift bag. They did not ask me to do this post and the opinions provided are my own.

4 thoughts on “T.Hee Gifts in Dallas

  1. Ashleigh Lankford says:

    Btw I meant to comment on here before. How did you get this invite? Awesome score! I love things like this!

  2. conscientious says:

    It’s such a fun store! Holly Homer from She Is Dallas invited me, she has access to all kinds of great events for DFW area bloggers!

  3. Ashleigh Lankford says:

    Oh fun! Holly and I have worked together on Juice in the City stuff! We were their Facebook page admin for awhile. I may need to connect more with her!

  4. guavalicious says:

    Can’t wait to check this store out the next time I am visiting my parents. That wine glass would be an awesome gift for my SIL. Love that more stuff is popping up in the area. 

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