A Little Bit Of Zen

A few weeks back I had a little epiphany when our pastor spoke at church about how present circumstances do not control our inner peace and joy. Whether you are Christian or not, that makes sense.

I’ve been trying to keep that in mind regarding the amount of sleep I do (or do not) get. Ultimately, whether I am rested or not, those circumstances don’t control me.

I also think about people living every day with medical conditions that cause chronic fatigue, but living life to the fullest, regardless.

All of these thoughts are helping me let go of the desperate desire to sleep as much as possible and become frustrated and resentful of my children when I can’t.

As a result, I’ve been making an effort every morning – with my husband’s help with the baby – to grab a few minutes of time in the morning before the toddler wakes up to read a short devotional and do a little yoga sun salutation.

So far I’ve only been able to do this successfully about 4 times, but I really love it when I can. Here’s hoping I can keep up my little moment of morning!