7 Quick Takes Friday #26

— 1 —

I have 3 bentos to share this week! It’s a little deceptive, because one is from 2 weeks ago but I just uploaded the pictures from my camera yesterday.

Bento #4

Bento #5

Bento #6

I think the shaped boiled eggs are soooo cute, but Little Sir still won’t really eat them. Also, he didn’t recognize the special sandwich pod in the third bento as a sandwich, so he wouldn’t eat that either. DOH.

— 2 —

OK, has anyone else been following yet another battle about formula marketing between two rather well-known feminists (one a blogger and one an author)? If you haven’t, I am not going to link to either of them because COME ON, PEOPLE!! I already commented on this regarding the controversial Babble post about covering up when nursing in public, but I am sick to death of women attacking each other about how we feed our babies. This time the aforementioned feminists are arguing about whether formula companies should be allowed to market in certain ways.

If you are new to this blog you might not be familiar with the fact that I combo feed Little Lady and only made it to 6 months breastfeeding Little Sir. I would like to point out that neither of my babies would have thrived, or perhaps even lived at all, past 6 months without the help of formula since my boobs seem unable to keep up past that point.

I have never given birth in a hospital, so I was never marketed to by formula companies. I got a sample of Enfamil before Little Sir was born and gave it away because I didn’t realize I would have breastfeeding issues. Formula is not the devil. Some mothers need it exclusively. Some, like me, just need it to help out. I am tired of the guilt and the mudslinging from bloggers. I can’t wait until my children are finished with that stage of life because I am just sick of the entire issue and I want every to SHUT UP.

Thank you, lactivists, for taking away my enjoyment of this whole breastfeeding (or not) stage of life.

— 3—

One a lighter note, I am continuing to try to use the DivaCup. I am having the worst time of it! I seem to get a lot of opportunities since my cycle is really messed up right now. I am not going to go into detail, but let me just say that it isn’t the best feeling in the world to have that thing pop out while you are dropping your kids off at Mother’s Day Out. Um… yeah.

What are your thoughts on a whole post on my exploration of alternative menstrual products? Would you like the info? Or TMI? I have to say, if no one comments on this, I’m probably going to do it.

— 4 —

In the scheme of work-life balance, I would have to say that somehow my part time work seems to be completely monopolizing all my free time so that I hardly get to spend any time with Christian and I never get to do things I want to do, like read a magazine or make snacks. Not sure how this happened because I’m not billing any more hours than usual.

— 5 —

We are actually looking at houses again, here in Richardson and North Dallas. If you think of it, say a little prayer or send good vibes our way as we look at the options. We love our realtor!

— 6 —

Green cleaning tip: Did you know that straight white vinegar makes a great carpet stain remover? While my kids were at Mother’s Day Out this week I went to work with an old toothbrush and a small bowl of vinegar on several stains on our area rug that had been there at least 6 months. All it took was a little scrub on each one and the stains were gone! And no toxic chemicals for the baby to encounter as she crawls around on the rug!

— 7 —

R.I.P. Steve Jobs. All the computers and phones in our house are a result of your invention.
We will miss you.


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11 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday #26

  1. Ashley Perez says:

    Sorry about the formula guilting. 🙁 I have to admit that I find it mildly distressing that formula is the main thing here in France, mainly because breastfeeding to almost toddlerdom was such a positive experience for us. (Much more distressing are all the smoking pregnant ladies… but I digress.)

    Re. #4 — been there! Working from home is really hard. My biggest tip = scheduling a block of quality time with the kiddos when they are at their best so that you are not just “parenting” when there is a crisis and working when they are sweet and happy. For example, I’d do breakfast and playtime with Liam for half an hour before trying to multi-task on anything when I was studying for quals full-time. 

    Also, consider an at-home babysitter for just a couple of hours a week, and when s/he is there, go straight to the office, no stain-scrubbing, no snack breaks. 🙂 It’s somewhat easier to stay focused than on Mother’s Day Out days because you’re “contained” in the work space. Also, because you’re there, you can hire a less-experienced babysitter (like a recent high school grad from church or a young college student) and train her without worrying about if kiddos are okay.  In Bloomington, we were able to get a great gal for $7 an hour, much less than we were paying before.

  2. Ashley Perez says:

    Here’s a link to Liam’s project one day while I was trying to work at home: http://www.ashleyperez.com/blog/item/140-liam%E2%80%99s-bath-toys-soggy-library-books-and-the-perils-of-autopilot-for-writers

  3. Elizabeth Wickland says:

    OMG! I can’t believe the Diva Cup popped out on you! Just out of curiosity, do you have size 1 or 2? Size 2 is specifically designed for those who have given birth, since things might be a little “looser” after that. Anywhoo, ACK! 

  4. conscientious says:

    That is a great idea about an in-home babysitter. If we move into the housing area we are currently looking at, they have an extensive babysitting exchange that I might be able to use and that would help a ton. You are so right about blocks of quality time, I noticed that works with Little Sir but I always forget about it 🙂

  5. conscientious says:

    Yes it was totally awkward!! I have a Size 2, since I’ve had 2 kids and I’m over 30. Do you think maybe I should even try a Size 1? I read a lot of forums that said I should try a different brand but that thing was $42!! Hard to think of shelling out another $30 or so. Anywayz, I am totally going to do a post about it 🙂

  6. Ashleigh Lankford says:

    So excited you are looking at houses in Richardson! Btw we have a neighborhood play group, if you wanna join. 🙂 And we are having a neighborhood Halloween party. We’ll talk!
    Also where did you deliver? Birthing center? I’ve thought about that! I had a midwife at Baylor, and loooved it. Best of both worlds! Got to go natural yet security of “just in case”.
    Btw I love your creative lunches!

  7. conscientious says:

    I didn’t remember that you are in Richardson too-remind me to ask you what area when I see you on Wednesday, I have a memory like a sieve! We are in Richardson now but renting, we’ve been here a year after living in Dallas/Lakewood for 10 years!
    Anywayz, yes both kids were born at The Birth & Women’s Center in Dallas. Their birth stories are linked in the right column of my blog if you ever want to read them. Congrats on your natural hospital birth! I always hear Baylor is the best hospital for that in Dallas, the birth center is 2 blocks from tgere, that’s where they transfer if intervention is needed.
    Talk to you soon & thanks for stopping by!

  8. fearlessformulafeeder says:

    Love you. Frankly, I’m starting to get sick of the whole breastfeeding/formula feeding debate too. Too bad I have locked myself into discussing it professionally for the next few years. 😉 Anyway… hope that I haven’t added to your annoyance. Really appreciate your take on it all…

  9. conscientious says:

    I loved your coverage of the whole thing this week, thank you for doing that. I was behind on my Google Reader when I wrote this post or else I would have linked to your post. I am so thankful for your blog, it has been so encouraging every time I feel like a breastfeeding failure. Thanks for all you do and hang in there!

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