Spiral Diner Dallas

I know I mentioned that we wanted to go to the Trinity Audubon Center on Sunday, but it turned out that since it was free, so did everyone else! We got there and the police were turning folks away for overcrowding. So we hope to go some day in the future, even if it won’t be free anymore.

However, before we headed over to the Audubon Center we stopped in Oak Cliff to try out the Dallas version of the vegan Spiral Diner, which has apparently been in Fort Worth for years. When we were in Spiral Diner I felt like I was in Austin! Oak Cliff has that very Austin feel anyway. The food was awesome, and all vegan so I could eat anything on the menu!
I had the taco salad, made with a grain substitute taco “meat”. It was delicious! Next time I am going to have the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. I’ve never had one because I don’t eat the steak part normally, but theirs is made with a meat substitute. Looking forward to it!