Komen For the Cure, Mavs game

Even though we’re only halfway through the weekend I thought I’d post a few pics to catch you up since I hope to take more later today. So far this weekend, my parents came to visit Friday night so that mom and I could get up early on Saturday to walk the Komen For the Cure 5k in memory of my grandmother and our friend Kathy Eaton. Somehow we missed the table with the papers that you pin on your back to say who you’re walking for. Also, even though I made a special effort to set it out, I still managed to forget my camera. All I have is this photo I stole from my parents’ camera.
Lots of people! Mom and I also donated some tissue for research. After that, we hung out some and after they left, Christian and I went to take a look at some scooters and helmets. Yesterday evening we had tickets to the Mavs game from my company, in their Platinum Suite – those are the boxes at the American Airlines Center.
When Christian and I both worked for this same company we used to get box tickets a lot, but they’re a lot more scarce nowadays, so it was nice to go again. They are great seats and we get to hang out with my co-workers in relative peace, rather than being in the stands around people we wouldn’t know. Also free. Free is good.

Right now I am waiting for the last of my sinus headache to go away and for Christian to come back from geo-caching and then we are planning on going to the Trinity River Audubon Center since this is the opening weekend and admission is free.

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