Motorcycle license!

For those of you who do not follow me on Twitter (and why don’t you? hm?), this morning Christian and I went up to the DMV at the crack of dawn and took the written motorcycle exam and passed!! So now we are officially licensed to drive motorcycles or a scooter! Very exciting. We are already talking about buying a larger scooter so that Christian could drive it to work. We are more confident in our abilities due to the classes and practice from last week now, but the scooter we have is not robust or fast enough to take on real roads (also, not street legal on roads with posted speeds of over 30 mph). I know the girls in the Community Group just read this so you might as well be thinking about it now because you know we are going to ask you about it next time we get together.

Tomorrow: the Susan G. Komen For the Cure 5K with mom! If you have not donated, donate now – we are walking in memory of my grandmother, Erma Stengele.