Motorcycle license!

For those of you who do not follow me on Twitter (and why don’t you? hm?), this morning Christian and I went up to the DMV at the crack of dawn and took the written motorcycle exam and passed!! So now we are officially licensed to drive motorcycles or a scooter! Very exciting. We are already talking about buying a larger scooter so that Christian could drive it to work. We are more confident in our abilities due to the classes and practice from last week now, but the scooter we have is not robust or fast enough to take on real roads (also, not street legal on roads with posted speeds of over 30 mph). I know the girls in the Community Group just read this so you might as well be thinking about it now because you know we are going to ask you about it next time we get together.

Tomorrow: the Susan G. Komen For the Cure 5K with mom! If you have not donated, donate now – we are walking in memory of my grandmother, Erma Stengele.

Scooter/Motorcycle school

After spending Saturday and Sunday in Motorcycle Training School we both passed the riding and written tests. The riding was HARD! We were on real 50cc Vespas (as opposed to our very light Chinese scooter) which were heavier than I was used to. The hardest manuever for me to master was the U-turns in small spaces. Thank goodness we didn’t have to do it on real motorcycles like the rest of the class, because those things have clutches and require down- and up-shifting in the turns which would have made it much more difficult, I think.

Now all we have to do is go up to the DMV some time this week and pass the written portion!

Scooter Time

So, you might be thinking, how is the scooter going? Well, right now the scooter is disabled. Last month I went out to ride it to work one day after it had been in the garage about a week due to rains, and found that it didn’t work even though it was fully charged. Christian disassembled it that weekend and found that all 4 of the wheelchair batteries that power it had exploded. We were able to find new ones, but their voltage was a little lower. When the throttle is fully opened it dies in its tracks. Christian suspects the charger is flawed, so he is searching for a new one.

All that said, even though it is not operational during this fantastic weather, we are signed up to take a motorcycle course this weekend which will serve as the driving portion of our motorcycle licenses. They will provide “real” scooters for us to use during the entire course so that we can learn to use road scooters. Then, all that is left is for us to go to the DMV one day and take the written portion and we’ll have our motorcycle licenses! These are what we would need to get something like a Buddy or Vespa (*drool*) …should we ever choose to do so 😉

One surprise for me today was that I thought this was a Saturday-only course, but it’s actually both Saturday and Sunday. So, I guess you know where we’ll be this weekend!

Seeing Natali, scooter gear

I finally got some more pictures uploaded to Flickr, among them are new pictures of Natali from this weekend when we took a quick trip to Longview.

I love that funny face she makes! It looks hilarious with the new teeth coming in! 🙂
Also, a few pictures here of all the pieces of scooter gear which have finally come together. Here we have me in my helmet and motorcycle jacket, which is mesh and has great airflow, but also has full built-in armor for protection:
And here is the latest addition to the bike itself, a specially ordered license plate which I hope will help people with their frustration when they’re stuck behind me, since I can only go 30 mph max:

I’m hoping you can see it, but it says “IM SLOW PLS PASS”!