Seeing Natali, scooter gear

I finally got some more pictures uploaded to Flickr, among them are new pictures of Natali from this weekend when we took a quick trip to Longview.

I love that funny face she makes! It looks hilarious with the new teeth coming in! 🙂
Also, a few pictures here of all the pieces of scooter gear which have finally come together. Here we have me in my helmet and motorcycle jacket, which is mesh and has great airflow, but also has full built-in armor for protection:
And here is the latest addition to the bike itself, a specially ordered license plate which I hope will help people with their frustration when they’re stuck behind me, since I can only go 30 mph max:

I’m hoping you can see it, but it says “IM SLOW PLS PASS”!

One thought on “Seeing Natali, scooter gear

  1. chirky says:

    Hey! I like that scooter – I just recently saw one at a store – it got 100 mpg. Does yours also? I really, really wanted to get it, except everywhere I drive on a regular basis isn’t close enough to warrant only going 30 mph. I guess that’s what I get for living in Plano.

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