A new baby!

Yesterday we finally got to meet Samuel Paxton Sutton, the new son of our friends Mel and Bob! He was very cute and slept most of the time. I have put some pics of Christian and I with Sam Paxton on Flickr:

(This is when Mel was telling me
about the epidural and how the anethesiologist came in with an
entire bucket of needles)

*note – there is a picture of Mel and Sam together but for privacy, I have restricted viewing of that picture to Friends and Family, so if you want to see that one, make sure you are logged in the Flickr site and that you have requested to be marked as one of my “Friends” or “Family”.

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July! We caught the Addison Kaboom Town fireworks on the way home from the hospital last night, we stopped in a parking lot with the radio on the simulcast to watch. Hopefully tonight we’ll go to one of the two fireworks displays here in Dallas as well.