Mugshot opening and State Fair weekend

I postponed blogging about this weekend until I had all the photos uploaded. First off, we went to Longview on Friday morning to see the new Mugshot Coffee House and since both our jobs can be done from pretty much anywhere, we worked from there all day (free WiFi).

For those of you who aren’t aware, this is the coffee shop my little brother just opened in East Texas, where I grew up. There are lots of photos in my Mugshot set on Flickr, and I have also started a Flickr Mugshot Coffee Group so I hope people start to contribute their own photos soon. Christian took some really good ones, he just hasn’t uploaded them yet.

We drove back home late Friday night, and Saturday headed out to the Texas State Fair here in Dallas. Every year we go and meet my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and her in-laws (are they any relation to me? I have no idea, but I always enjoy hanging out with them!).
Highlights of this year included the Fried Pop-Rock Sundae and the Chicken Fried Bacon (oh yes!). These are the things we eat every year and then feel very, very sick.

We also got to see the Birds of the World show….
….and here is a picture of Borden’s Elsie the Cow, who is treated much better than the factory farmed cattle Borden uses for their actual milk, but that is a different story.
After the day at the Fair on Saturday, we spent Sunday serving in Parking at church in the morning services and in Infants for the evening service. It was a tiring but very fun weekend!