Becoming more green: upcoming steps

I know I haven’t been blogging enough lately, my apologies there. I’m waiting until October 1 (new Mvelopes funding!) to search for the green versions of some things I’ve run out of. Here are a few things I’ll be looking for this month:

  • Toilet bowl cleaner. Right now I use a combo of the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush disposable brush and conventional toilet bowl cleaner. I don’t know that I am willing to give up my disposable brushes, but I am willing to search for a more green toilet bowl cleaner.
  • Razor/shave gel/hair removal. Not something everyone needs to hear about in detail, I know, but I keep thinking of all the disposable razors I’ve been throwing away. I read this article about some other options which do include sugaring.
  • Body lotions/perfumes. After watching America The Beautiful I realized that everything I use has phthalates in it. There is mixed thought on whether phthalates are cause for concern, but from what I’ve read, I’d just rather phase them out. I have found some great Whole Foods brands of lotions that are inexpensive. I was thinking of adding essential oils for scent. This would be an investment since those oils are a little costly. I am not 100% sure about this yet.

Well, I hope to keep everyone posted on these efforts in the upcoming month(s)!

2 thoughts on “Becoming more green: upcoming steps”

  1. I learned this week that in addition to mopping my hardwood floors with a vinegar/water solution I can also SHAMPOO my carpet with vinegar and hot water!! It cleaned it beautifully! I’ll be doing that again for sure instead of using expensive chemicals.

  2. If you’re going for essential oils get some amber oil. I remember this girl in the environmental oragnization I was a part of at A&M wore it often and it smelled incredible.

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