What makes me #Hautegreen?

I feel really special because I have been invited to a special pre-conference event in San Diego called #HauteGreen, hosted by a bunch of awesome bloggers and companies. Read the list here.

Calley challenged us all to blog about “What makes [us] #HauteGreen”!
Here are my answers.

I may not be so Haute, but I am totally hot.
It is 102 degrees here most days in Texas.
Dallas heat
Can’t wait to visit San Diego:
San Diego FTW

Is this where I list my green cred?
I get all, “Look at me, I am greener than you”?
I can tell you I am not going to win this game, people.

Last year Beth of Fake Plastic Fish was at BlogHer and I was so freaked out by the amount of plastic I have in my home that I was too scared to talk to her. “Hi, I’m Jenny, I have a green blog but I have a 3 BOXES OF ZIPLOCK BAGS AT MY HOUSE. And I totally use them too. All the time!”

I only look green compared to most people in Dallas. Put me Austin or California and I look like a carbon-spewing, environment-destroying consumerist.

This is a blog about living more consciously, about thinking before you act.
Being green is part of that, but it’s not everything. I am as green as I can be within the time, financial, and family constraints that I have at this time of my life. I look forward to meeting a bunch of great bloggers who can help me in my journey to be more green in a livable way!

So there you have it. Am I #HauteGreen? I hope so! I can’t wait to meet my fellow hautees!

2 thoughts on “What makes me #Hautegreen?

  1. Ashley says:

    Oh god, you are totally right btw. We are only as green as we can be. It’s easy for me because of where I live, but it’s still not cheap… or always the most practical. but hey, we’re trying right? Can’t wait to meet you! 

  2. SortaCrunchy says:

    I am HUGELY looking forward to the relief from the heat, too! And I use plastic ziplocks, too. I like to think some other green habits of mine offset that!

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