A post with no SEO or topic

Usually I really try to have good search engine optimization to my posts, making sure that the topic is really searchable since I get most of my traffic from search. I also try to write fairly topic-centric posts that don’t ramble unnecessarily.

This is not one of those concise, searchable posts.

I have been wracking my brain to think of topics over the weekend, feeling the pressure to write something awesome. BlogHer 2011 is coming up and I’ve met lots of new bloggers on Twitter recently who I will probably see in San Diego. I will be giving out all these business cards with my blog address. People will visit the blog! I have to be amazing!!

I like to blog about my ongoing journey to be more conscientious in my life. Unfortunately, I haven’t been taking much ground in that area lately.

Little Lady and I are really struggling with her reflux, which has caused about a month of sleepless nights for both of us. We’ve tried all kinds of things from chiropractic and other natural methods to prescriptions medications (which gave her really bad gas and were worse than nothing at all). Fortunately, the last few nights have been better. If it turns out that I have finally reached a solution, I will be blogging about that for sure. I can tell you right now, it’s not a 100% “natural parenting” solution – there is medication involved.

Another area that’s been eating up a lot of time is our on-again off-again search to buy (or not buy) a house. My husband and I are not in agreement as to whether this is the time. Since this is a marital issue and an area in which I need to learn to submit to him, I don’t feel it would be appropriate to blog about this discussion while it is still ongoing.

So, although these two issues (how can I ease my daughter’s suffering and get a good night’s sleep? and will we be moving in the next month(s) or not?) are probably the most prominent in my mind these days, they aren’t resolved and they aren’t something I can really discuss until there is some kind of resolution.

That’s where I am right now.

I’d love to blog about things unrelated to what is currently on my mind, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Ask me any question you think I might be able to answer in a post or suggest a topic!

3 thoughts on “A post with no SEO or topic

  1. Guest says:

    When DD had food-related sensitivities through my breastmilk, besides the whole diet change, we did try one over the counter thing that worked.  It’s called Cocyntal, by Boiron.  DD did not have reflux, and it’s a homeopathic med recommended for colic, so I cannot say it would work for your DD.  However, it was amazing for mine’s gas.  I hope all eases up for you soon!

  2. Jenny Bradford says:

    Oh, Boiron is sponsoring BlogHer this year! I like some of their other products too. If what I am trying the next few nights doesn’t work I am definitely going to get some of that – thank you! You know, I might say it is more like colic for her too, because she is fine all day and only has the trouble at night. It’s weird, though, because she is 5 months old now and didn’t start doing this until 4 months. Usually colic is supposed to be birth – 3 months. But hey, whatever works, I don’t care what it’s called! 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    Hang in there! I have had “painter’s block” for months, and I finally beat it by doing just what you did Monday… Getting after the craft… 🙂

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