Washington DC photos now up!

Lots of folks have been asking about the photos from our Washington DC trip, and they are finally up on Christian’s Flickr. Take a look!
Us under trees by the National Mall:
We took most of them with our new camera – it was very small and handy. Actually, Christian took them. I am not very good at pictures.
Here are some people with their feet in the World War II Memorial even though the sign says not to:
Here is a picture of us eating breakfast at our favorite place, Teaism. I found it on Rachel Ray’s $40 A Day and we loved it so much we went 3 times. Wish we had one here in Dallas!
Here we are on the Speaker of the House’s private patio at the Capitol, thanks to Robert!
Well, I have to go to the fabric store before working for 4 hours today, so I can’t post any more random pics, check them out on Flickr!

5 thoughts on “Washington DC photos now up!”

  1. Love the picture of you at the breakfast table. You seem to be saying “Isn’t this great? Now get the pic so I can EAT!” I agree, we need one of those in Dallas.

  2. Looks like fun and that breakfast looked fantastic!

    Your husband looks awfully familiar. Where did you guys meet? UNT?

  3. Oh! DC is my favorite city in the world! Not even kidding…it is the dorky poli sci major in me. Very jealous of you on Speaker Pelosi’s patio!

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