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Today I attended my second DFW Blogger meetup, which was organized through BlogHer. I really enjoyed the last one, and this time I got to meet more new Bloggers I had never met before, even though we were a smaller group this time. I think a lot of the mom bloggers I met last time are probably on vacation and enjoying their kids’ first weeks out of school right now, which is why we didn’t see them this time. Hope to see ya’ll next time!

We had an interesting discussion today about privacy and self-censoring. We all have different levels of each, and I found it very interesting.

Privacy: Most of the mom bloggers I know don’t use their children’s real names on their blogs. There are crazy people out there, and I think that’s probably a good idea. I am most likely going to adopt that tactic in my family blog once the baby comes along. Some of the bloggers today said they don’t use anyone’s real names, including their own, their spouses, their friends or even strangers. Some do not post pictures. Anything But Nice had a good post about blog privacy and what it means to her the other day. Others use names and pictures but practice self-censoring when it comes to topical content.

Self-censoring: Involves the opinions we choose to share or not share on our blogs, and how in-depth we go about our own feelings or our private lives. Some blogs are so topic-specific that there isn’t much room for personal opinion at all. Some of us share things about our lives but not our personal opinions, in order to avoid taking stance on controversial issues. Other blogs are actually centered around starting a discussion and ask questions to prompt responses. Some bloggers feel comfortable sharing everything about their personal lives, and I definitely have a respect for that. I think you know that I don’t do that – I don’t talk about my relationship with my husband outside our community group because it would bother him. I don’t weigh in personally on “hot button” issues I know most of my readers might feel strongly about, because I know we don’t always agree. I’m not going to convince you and you’re not going to convince me. The purpose of this blog is not to incite a riot and I don’t want to have to delete anyone’s comments (although I have done it before).

It was a good discussion and I’d love to hear more people’s opinions one day.

Finally, here are pictures from today which I have camouflaged appropriately in respect of everyone’s privacy 🙂

Blogroll of the blogs that were represented. It was great to meet everyone!

Trendy Mommy
Show Me The Curry
When did I go from kid to grown up?
Crazy Says What and The Aisle Files
My Inner French Girl

8 thoughts on “DFW Blogger meetup

  1. The Trendy Mommy says:

    You totally cracked me up w/ the faces! Although when you click on the picture my name tag is clear as day 🙂 {{I don’t mind – my name is all over my website!}}

    It was good meeting you today too!

  2. Vanessa says:

    It was great to meet you too. I hope we can do this again soon, maybe 2nd week of July soon?. Or Tuesday night soon?

    PS: I love the way you posted the pictures.

  3. Marjorie says:

    Thanks so much for posting the photos!

    You know, I agree with you about being selective in naming names. Although my blog isn’t anonymous, I “initialize” everyone else’s names on my posts, including my husband’s name (he’s just “B.”), even though it wouldn’t be difficult to find out his identity. Someone mentioned at the meeting that these people didn’t ask to be written about in public, and I agree. (Although Augusten Burroughs and the like would probably beg to differ. They’re of the school that teaches that writers should write the truth about life, regardless of who might get hurt. I can see their point, but I would prefer to wait until everyone’s good and dead before I even begin to mention deep family secrets!)

    It was so lovely to meet you! I hope we’ll have a chance to hang out again soon. Loved meeting everybody.

    (aka My Inner French Girl)

  4. Eddo says:

    I wish I could have been there. As a DJ I had a gig at WhiteRock lake during that time. Ugh. I hate that i had to miss this.

    Are you going to Blogher this year? I sort of am. I am going with Roger and Jessica and while Jes is at the conference, Roger and I are going to go site seeing and then at night we are going to all of the blogher cocktail parties. Rock on!

  5. J says:

    Oh, now that I know more about BlogHer I am more bummed that I am not going to be able to go!!

    The small human living inside of me is apparently going to take up all the rest of my vacation days from work once it comes out, so I had none left to give to BlogHer this year 🙁

    I hope everyone posts really good updates and I am already planning on next year!!

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