Texting drama!

A post from a blog I follow had a post on strangers sharing too much information which reminded me of something weird that happened to me last night which, coincidentally, also involved texting.

Last night I am sitting there, minding my own business when I get this text:

“i know u probably hate me an i hope u know i do love him”

I am like, uh, what? I am married, thank the Lord I don’t have drama like this in my life anymore. I considered just deleting it, but then I thought, some person out there thinks they have sent something really important and dramatic to someone else and they haven’t. I have actually seen this number before on my Missed Calls and I think this person mistypes my phone number a lot.

So I text back:

“i’m afraid u have the wrong #? this is xxx.xxx.xxxx”

I told Christian what happened and he said, oh no, you have just confirmed to some marketer out there that the phone number their computer randomly dialed is a legitimate number and now you are going to get TONS of spam marketing texts. Ack!! I had not thought of this. I was bummed that I fell for it, since I was a spammer myself for a while. I would never have done something like that, but I used to be more aware of the dirty tactics that were used. I was beating myself up a little bit for letting compassion outweigh my common sense when I got another text:

“Is this lisa?”

I answered and she replied and that was the end:

“no ma’am”

“Sorry 2 have bothered u”

Isn’t that the weirdest thing ever? I hope it was a “she” since I addressed her as “ma’am”. It could very well have been a man, so if it was I hope he was not too offended. And I hope he/she didn’t think I really am Lisa but pretending not to be Lisa….And I hope their drama was resolved.

The moral of this story is: watch out who you are texting. Use the Address Book function on your phone rather than typing the recipient’s number by memory. You may be sharing your drama with strangers!

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