Vegetable pot pies

To distract everyone from all this election talk, how about we talk about vegetarian pot pies?

I have a lot of great vegetarian cookbooks that people have given me, but sometimes Christian gets a craving for something and I have to search for a way to make a vegetarian version. Last week, he suggested pot pies. When I want something specific, I love because I can search by ingredients and type of recipe, and each one comes with reviews from people who have tried it.

The hardest part of these pies was the crust. I have looked everywhere for pre-made crusts that don’t have PHO’s in them and I can’t find them. So I decided to try making my own. It took me two tries to find a recipe that would work with whole wheat flour and did not call for lard or solid shortening (Whole Foods does sell a vegetarian solid shortening that does not have PHO’s but it is expensive and I’ve been watching our food budget lately). Here is the recipe I settled on.

There was also an easy vegetarian pot pie recipe on the site, here it is. What I like about it is that it uses just canned veggies and condensed potato soup so it took hardly any prep.

Here is the finished product, they are VERY rich, and it was hard for me to eat a whole one.