My purse – Animal Rescue site

Recently, I was looking for a new purse. I live in Dallas so my initial thought was to spend money on a really nice Coach bag. A bag like that is an investment and would last for many years. I have still not ruled that out for a future purchase, but at the time I was bothered by the thought of not knowing how the cows who provided that leather were treated. How do I know they didn’t come from a factory farm? And what about the workers who assembled the bag? Where they paid a decent wage? I couldn’t answer those questions. (if you do have an answer to those questions, please email me! I want to know!)

My friend Millie reminded me of the Animal Rescue web site store, which is a great resource that I would recommend to anyone. Anything you buy from their online store contributes money toward feeding cats and dogs waiting for homes. They also offer organic, recycled, and fair trade items such as accessories, clothing, and gifts. It was here that I found a handbag made out of recycled tire tubes, which was assembled in El Salvador by a woman-owned small company.

It’s funny because the material, being made from a tire tube, is irregularly marked. But it’s surprisingly supple and lined with nice cloth, even with a little key holder and pockets inside. It’s nice and small, and I am really loving it! And I provided 42 bowls of food for animals waiting for homes!