To Do List 2012

  Here it is, my To Do List for 2012
One day late, but since today is a holiday for most folks, it counts.

1. Eat better. 
I always used to be such a healthy eater. Even moreso when I was pregnant with Little Sir. But during my pregnancy with Little Lady, I started to slip. I just craved sugar and carbs nonstop! After I gave birth, having to keep up with both kids has resulted in just grabbing whatever I can find that neither of the kids has finished. Very rarely do I have the opportunity to fix lunch for myself or remain seated during a meal that everyone else is eating. And since my meal planning has been in the toilet since we moved, what’s there to grab is NOT healthy. I need to be consistent with healthy snacks.

To make this a little more measurable, I’ll just say that I want to get back to eating at least 5-7 whole fruits and veggies per day.

2. Resume meal planning.
We save money and we eat more healthfully when I do my meal planning. I need to get back on this bandwagon. This one is pretty measurable too – I’m either doing it or I’m not.

3. Regular exercise.
I want to aim for 3 days a week.  In my dream world, I would figure out how to attend classes at a yoga studio again. My second best would be to join the YMCA because I hear they have great childcare. But it costs $60/month to join the YMCA. There are a lot of workout-at-home options but my kids don’t always nap at the same time and when they do, I have 1 hour of part-time work per day that I have to complete for pay. So this is going to take some figuring-out.

4. Attempt monetization of this blog
This item is a blog post in itself. I’ve talked to a few people about the possibility of joining an ad network or two. Unfortunately, there are just not enough of you sweet readers for me to make much income off of that. In fact, most networks won’t even take someone with numbers as low as mine. Every time I go to BlogHer, my readership increases, but I don’t think I’ll be going this year since it’s not paid for. We’ll see. But I need to start aiming for income here.

“Attempt monetization” is not a very measurable goal, but let’s just say I’ll research and apply for some ad networks and work on ways that I could increase my readership. Such as participating in blogger link-ups.

5. Start potty learning with my son
Well this is self-explanatory. Don’t worry, I won’t blog too much about it. I have heard it is a special kind of hell that only lasts about a year. Just in time to start all over with my daughter. Whee!!

6. Decorate the kids’ rooms
They are pretty nearly empty right now since they’ve never had this much space before. We’re working on an almost-zero budget, so this has got to be creative. Thank goodness for Pinterest.

7. Plant a garden
I am so excited that we have the space to plant things this year. I might not be very good at this since I seem to have a black thumb when it comes to indoor plants, at least. But I want to try.

I’ve run out of inspiration or motivation, so we’ll just stick with these 7 for now.
What are your “To Do’s”? Are there any I’ve left off?

One thought on “To Do List 2012

  1. Amber says:

    I totally need to start meal-planning again. I find myself in the kitchen every evening, acting surprised that I have to make dinner. It’s getting pretty old, let me tell you.

    And good luck with the monetization – you can do it!

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