Reusing clothes: consignment by mail via ThredUP

If you know me in real life, you know that I am huge fan of the giant twice-yearly consignment sales in this area. I get pretty much all my son’s clothing from these sales once in spring and once in the fall. All my daughter’s clothes are hand-me-downs from a cousin and a friend. But sometimes we need an extra pair of jeans, some shirts, or a dress between sales because of a growth spurt. We don’t really have any children’s consignment clothing stores near us, I’d have to drive about 30 minutes and I’m not fond of shopping with kids in tow. What to do? Enter consignment by mail!

You may have noticed advertising in my right side bar for a company called ThredUP. In the past, I’ve recommended their service as a great way to reuse children’s clothing and avoid having to drag your kids into a physical store. Unfortunately, I’d never gotten around to trying the service for myself until recently. Here is what I got for Little Sir for only $20! ThredUP haul for $20

It came in very eco-friendly packaging with not plastic, as well:

ThredUP eco-friendly packaging

The process of shopping online was just as fun as shopping for new items — the storefront provides clear pictures of each item that they have in stock so you know exactly what you are getting, and everything was in mint condition.

You can also sell your childrens’ consignment-quality clothing through ThredUP if you are tired of all the effort of tagging and pricing at big consignment sales. I know I attempted to sell some items at a major consignment sale here and I learned that you really have to work hard to research the pricing, label everything just so, drop off and pick up any unsold items, and even then you make hardly any money for your time and effort. Not worth it!

If you’d like to sell your used childrens’ clothing through ThredUP, all you do is submit a request on their web site and they will mail you one of their polka-dot bags for free. Fill up the bag with clothing and mail it back to them, also for free. They’ll credit your account for whatever the purchase price for your clothing or cut you a physical check. I like the idea of a credit because then I could shop online at ThredUP for free!

Anyway, I enjoyed my experience and think I can say now that I can endorse this product. If you’d like to sign up today via this referral link, you’ll get a $10 credit and so will I. Thanks again for supporting this blog!

Have you ever consigned your childrens’ clothing, by mail or at a large sale? How have you felt about the experience?


**NOTE: I did receive a $20 credit toward the clothing from ThredUP to try out their services, but my opinons are my own.