Sneak peek at the new #WholeFoodsAddison!

It was bittersweet to find out that our Richardson Whole Foods was finally closed down, but I knew that meant that the brand new Whole Foods Addison was about to open! I am excited for our new nearest Whole Foods to have a larger footprint, meaning that it will carry more items that I have formerly had to drive 5-7 miles to another location to get (I know, I know, I am still spoiled…). The Whole Foods Addison at Beltline and the Tollway will open to the public on July 16. However, I was graciously given a media preview tour this morning and snapped the following pics!

Whole Foods Addison
“Flying banana” display – see the black wire grid? Bananas will be hanging off of it!
Whole Foods Addison bulk food section
There are actually 2 aisle of bulk foods at this Whole Foods location, you can bring your own container to conserve plastic bag waste!
Whole Foods Addison wine section
The wine section, where you’ll be able to find suggested wine pairings from local chefs, celebrities, and even local bloggers!


Whole Foods Addison cheese shop
Cheese Shop! Need I say more?!


Whole Foods Addison personal product aisle
Personal products aisle — I always end up here!
Whole Foods Addison beer cases
Quote from Kinky Friedman on the beer case “Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder”


Whole Foods Addison in-store bar
In-store bar with many beers on tap, even root beer! Have a drink while you shop!
Whole Foods Addison Buy Me A Beer
Did you know you can pre-purchase a drink from the bar for a friend who isn’t with you? The next time they visit, they’ll have a free drink on you! My name is spelled “J-E-N-N-Y”…if you were wondering…
Whole Food Addison meat department
Meat department with sustainable meats and the Whole Foods Animal Welfare Rating System


Whole Foods Addison bakery
Bakery section! Cupcakes and treats with no artificial colors or HFCS, yay!
Whole Foods Addison pre-prepared food area
Pre-prepared food area. At this store, the grab-and-go meals are in enclosed refrigerator cases because that is more energy efficient.
Whole Foods Addison upstairs cafe area
Upstairs cafe area, great for holding small, intimate meetings.


If you’d like to take a sneak peek too, there is a special preview tomorrow (Friday, July 12) from 4-7pm open to the general public. Word is that there will be food samples!


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    1. Jenny says:

      I totally agree! I love that play area at Preston Forest! You know what would be awesome, a play area right next to the wine/beer bar. WOO HOO!

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