Sad news: trans fat free cake mix update

Bad news for the holiday baking – you may remember that I previously posted about how the Walmart Brand Cake Mix is trans fat free. Marketed and sold under the Great Value brand.

Unfortunately, it has become apparent that Walmart/Great Value has stopped manufacturing and distributing the Great Value cake mix in Walmart stores. For a brief time they sold Great Value brand brownie mix, which was also trans fat free. That is gone now too. I bought the last one at the new Walmart on Forest Lane and they didn’t restock. Don’t worry, I am writing them a letter as we speak. This does put me on the search for a new, affordable and easily available trans fat free cake mix.

Kroger has really been leading the way with their store brand products going trans fat free, they do have a special kids cake mix called “Kroger Sports Yellow Cake mix” which is trans fat free. It comes with little sports-themed sugar appliques to put on the frosting. I have not tried it, so I don’t know how good it is or if it could be used for cupcakes. So far they do not have a chocolate or white cake version. They do have some of their Private Selection brand fancy bundt cake mixes also trans fats free, but I am not sure how successful they would be as cupcakes or regular cake. I was going to take pictures of the boxes, but I forgot my iPhone when I went to the store yesterday.

I also checked Tom Thumb, their O Organics brand does not have a cake mix yet.

One note on the search: I know that Whole Foods has some mixes without trans fats. However, I avoid recommending those because, as a friend of mine has pointed out, they are typically 1) very expensive – around $5-$8 a box, and 2) require you to add eggs, butter, vanilla, oil, and other things; if you are going to do that, you might as well make it from scratch – that is not a mix, you just paid $5-$8 for a container of flour.