Countdown to Christmas

Freebie: for the next 48 hours, is giving away a free Christmas CD for download, so go download yours now!

We are getting close to Christmas, and I am almost finished with the holiday things. I think we have all the gifts. The Christmas cards have been…challenging. Unfortunately we have developed kind of a reputation for having unusual Christmas cards and that sets the bar kind of high for us, causing us to procrastinate.
I have gone to Walgreens to print the cards for several years, but this year the usual person is gone and someone who has no idea what they are doing is there. They lost our order at least once, I had to go back twice, and they asked me to re-send it, which caused me to get a double order. I am not sure yet if they charged us twice or not because my Mastercard web site is not working. I am scrambling to address and send them all right now. So when you get yours, pretend it’s not late. Also, I do not recommend the Walgreens on Matilda & Mockingbird now.
Light at the end of the tunnel: After all my years of being a grinch at the holidays, I have learned to plan time to do nothing. I used to take a random day off work for miscellaneous errands, but I had used up all my days this year so far. Then there was a need for someone to work the Saturday shift this weekend. In exchange, I am getting Monday off – all day! I have booked a mani/pedi at an organic spa about 30 minutes away. I am very excited! I have never been to this spa, so I’ll let you know how it turns out…