Preserve razors: updated review

A while back, I blogged about my efforts toward more “green” hair removal. When I gave Preserve double-bladed razors a “thumbs down” score, Elissa at Preserve contacted me to sample the new Triple Blade Preserve razor and see if it fares better. I want to disclose first off that she did send them to me for free, which I hope did not make me too biased.

The good news is, the triple blade razors are SO much better! They work comparably to any traditional razor you might have tried. None of the “shaving with a piece of dull cardboard” feeling that I had with the double blades. I have been using them regularly for about 2 weeks and had no trouble!

I change my rating for the Triple Blade razor to: thumbs up!

The bad news is that, so far, I have been unable to find the triple blade replacements anywhere. Every Whole Foods I try has only the double blades. They have the triple blade handle but no triple replacement blades. This is very odd since we live in a very densely populated area with multiple stores carrying the Preserve brand within a 10 mile radius of our house. My only guess is that the double blades don’t sell well, and the stores won’t re-order until all the old double blades are gone. It’s unfortunate, since I am on my last replacement blade and I really want to buy more! If anyone in the Dallas area sees them around, let me know.

I also tried the Preserve toothbrush, which is also made of recycled yogurt containers. I really don’t know anything about toothbrushes. It worked just like a toothbrush, is all I can say. The most unusual feature is that the handle is curved. It definitely takes a little getting used to. I keep switching between it and my other toothbrush and that is a weird experience. I would say, run out and give it a try yourself, and see what you think!

UPDATE: My husband tried the Preserve toothbrush and loves them. He orders them in bulk from Amazon, they come with a special envelope to return the toothbrush to Recycline after use for recycling. He really thinks that is cool and will only use these toothbrushes.

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3 thoughts on “Preserve razors: updated review

  1. Daniel Tourigny says:

    I am not having as much luck with the Preserve Triple. After less than 5 uses it just plainly no long works!

    Gunk is stuck between the blades and water is no good (since the back is not open, so water can’t flow through)…so I use a knife. Helps a tiny bit but at the same time am I bending the blades and messing them up.


  2. J says:

    Hi Daniel – you know, that is the exact trouble I was having with the 2-blade razor, gunking up and whatnot. Then when I switched to the Triple Blade, it stopped…however, I was still using the OLD handle, the one that came with the original dual blade.

    Today I took a look at it and then handle that Preserve sent me with the triple blades (which I never used) and it appears there are some minute differences in the way the head is structured between the two handles. So I am wondering if you bought the triple blade handle right off instead of later, you might actually have a different experience…that just my guess?

    One more idea might be to wonder if it has anything to do with the shaving gel or cream used…some of the more natural ones are really quite gunky. I have not tried many yet so I hope to review those soon!

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