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I’ll be writing more later this week about my transition from Work-At-Home-Mom to Stay-At-Home-Mom after losing my part-time job, but suffice it to say that for some reason this change has thrown me off a bit. You’d think that having more time when the kids are napping or playing would mean that I get more blogging done, but the reverse has been true!

I feel like I’m really not organized when it comes to planning the household chores. OK, I don’t plan at all, really. One thing I’ve been the most terrible at since having my second child (uh, 11 months ago) is meal planning. I did a post on how I’ve done my meal planning in the past. You might have noticed it was fairly labor-intensive. I have enjoyed E-Mealz in many ways and I’ve got some really good recipes from that site. However, they seem to focus mainly on Mexican food, salads, and white sauces for vegetarians. I like Mexican food as much as the next person, but vegetarians DO eat things other than Mexican, E-Mealz! And no one in my house will eat white sauce or salad of any kind except me. It also seemed that most of their recipes were actually meat recipes with fake-meat substitutes thrown in. Have you ever tasted fake meat products? They are disgusting. So we had to avoid most of those recipes too. Ultimately, I could only use about 1-2 recipes from each 5-day meal plan.

Through the new ad network I’ve signed up with, I have just learned about Food on the Table, another meal-planning program that also has a corresponding iPhone app. I think this might be what I am missing! Having a dedicated app saves me several steps in my previous process in migrating the meal plan to my iPhone so I can take the shopping list to the store.

I tried Food on the Table this week and here are the pros and cons:


  • When they say it’s a 60-second signup, they’re not kidding!
  • The limited version of the service is free (I was paying $5/month for E-Mealz). To get access to more recipes, you can pay to upgrade to Premium which is $5/month for the first 3 months and $9.95/month for the future. Less if you pay quarterly or for a whole year.
  • Online or iPhone app interface is convenient
  • When you select the stores you shop at, it automatically finds the sales and you can pick recipes based on the items on sale at the store you are going to!
  • You can restrict recipes by prep time, by what kind of meat or Meatless 
  • You can add additional non-menu items to the grocery list in the iPhone app. It even has a voice recognition option so you can add items without typing. When I spoke “organic milk” it not only added it correctly, and in the correct category on the list, but also suggested the item was on sale at the Tom Thumb I selected as my favorite store. OMG LOVE!!


  • Side items are chosen separately from the main dish so it’s up to you to figure out how to pair things. This is actually just fine with me, because I rarely used the side item recommendations with E-Mealz. (side note: vegetarians don’t eat coleslaw for side-dishes at every meal, E-Mealz)

Yet to see whether the recipes this system provides are any good taste-wise. I will be making two of them this week and I’ll let you know! So far I am in love with it and I am seriously considering purchasing the Premium version.

NOTE: As an ad network affiliate, I get something like $1 if you actually buy the Premium version by clicking one of my links.

4 thoughts on “Review of Food On The Table

  1. conscientious says:

     I do still use it, but I really think that the paid Premium version is much easier to use because there is a wider selection of recipes. I run out of options with the free version a lot 🙁

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thank you for this-I was trying to decide between the two Emeals and FOTT and I am going with FOTT. Hopefully you like it and are still using it!

    2. Jenny Bradford says:

      I quit using it for a while because I was too lazy to try new recipes!! But I notice now that I start using it again, it looks like they’ve made some improvements to the app, which is nice. On the other hand, eMeals came out with a “Clean Eating” plan which I have not tried but it sounds interesting. I don’t think I’m curious enough to pay for it, though, when FOTT is free…

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