My garden: more things dying and some things getting huge

I promised a garden update on Saturday, but I lied. I should stop promising to update on Saturdays, that is insanity.

Well, the kale is dead. It looked good for about a week but then just gave up, plant by plant.

The tomatoes and bell pepper plants are HUGE but producing nothing. Wha? Is that supposed to happen?

Tomatoes around June 8ish

Bell pepper plants - are these buds?

In case you cannot tell, these tomatoes come up to my nose when I’m standing next to them.

The mint and chocolate mint, and parsley and basil are GOING CRAZY. I don’t even know what to do with them, they are so huge. Anybody need some mint??


The fennel…what the heck is fennel for, anyway?

There is a beet plant that is pretty darn huge-looking but I am not sure how big it actually is underneath the leaves so I am afraid to harvest it. How do I know when to harvest it?


Here is the one tiny strawberry that grew from my strawberry plants.


This post has far more questions than answers.

4 thoughts on “My garden: more things dying and some things getting huge

  1. Laurenacarlton says:

    Our garden is so f’ing weird. I need to take pictures and blog about it because it’s a mess. We are accidentally growing pumpkins! 

  2. Natalie says:

    Oh no! Don’t plant mint in your garden. Only plant in a pot bc it will take over! Your tomatoes probably need tomato food to produce anything.

  3. Happy Feet Healthy Body says:

    I have to agree on putting the mint in a pot!! Ours choked out everything in our garden! Fennel is great! Breastfeeding mothers can drink it in a tea form to encourage breast milk and it keeps the baby from getting colic

  4. Merritt says:

    I love the pics of your garden! It looks great! I recommend following Texas Worm Ranch on Facebook. I’ve learned a lot about gardening from Heather. I have the same question about the tomato plants. Mine are huge and they do have “fruit” but still very, very green. I’m wondering how long it’ll take them to turn red and if the plant is putting too much energy into getting tall rather then ripening fruit. Good luck to you Jenny!

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