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 It’s a little late for “back to school” but here in Texas it’s almost getting to be jacket weather. If your kids are either in school or a Mother’s Day Out program, you’ve probably been told again and again to remember to “label everything”, and especially their jackets and coats as the weather gets cooler.

I was overwhelmed by the number of items I needed to label when we first started sending Little Sir to Mother’s Day Out, but then I discovered Lovable Labels. I bought one Starter Pack from them and it has seen us through a full year and a half of MDO.

Now, I realize there is another major labels company out there who works with most bloggers and rhymes with “stables labels”. However, when Little Sir first went into Mother’s Day out last year, I did some research on the cost and packages offered by that company and Lovable Labels and I chose Lovable Labels.

I am so glad I did! The quality of their products is amazing. Their stickers stick well and the writing is clear. They have never misspelled anything. I also love that their packaging is extremely minimal, which is more eco-friendly.

As soon as Finn was born and we chose her name, I ordered a Starter Pack for her, too!

My favorite product from Lovable Labels is their Press N’ Stick Clothing Dots. They are a great alternative to having to sew tags into clothes. Even though they are stickers, they don’t come off – even in hot water wash and the dryer! This product is invaluable for coats and lovie blankets.

So, I have decided to become a Lovable Labels “LoveBug”. This means that I’m kind of an ambassador for their company. You’ll notice a new ad for Lovable Labels in the right column of my blog now.

Any time you would like some labels, you can get 10% off Lovable Labels by using this code:

I’ll get some kind of credit for referring you (not monetary compensation). But most of all, you are going to get a great product. I am happy to be working with Lovable Labels!

Be sure and let me know what you think if you have tried their products or a competitor’s.

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