I probably need to work out

I am going crazy over here missing some kind of exercise. I’ve lost the baby weight but I need some serious toning. There are several options I’ve been kicking around, but so far I haven’t taken any action on them. Here’s what’s going through my head.

I could really walk around our block with the kids but it is already hitting 100 degrees here and I am a complete wuss about that. I would have to go very, very early in the morning, I think.

Before kids and before marriage, I did a lot of power (vinyasa) yoga. In the year before we had Little Sir (2008) I was really getting back into yoga and enjoying it. I did yoga throughout my pregnancy with him, but becoming a full time working mom plus becoming pregnant again 6 months later… I haven’t done any yoga since giving birth to Little Sir nearly 20 months ago.

I really miss yoga but at this point the only way I could start back up is to take classes in a studio again – I just cannot get re-enthused using my at-home DVD’s. I would love to, and I have tried, but no… I need an instructor that gently kicks my butt. I bought a Groupon for 1 month unlimited yoga at a studio down the street and I’m really excited about it. However, at the current time Little Lady is STILL waking up every 2-3 hours and for some reason Little Sir is waking up too. I am averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep per night, with Little Lady’s last feeding being at 5AM. In order to take a 6AM class (which is my only option since I would need to take a class at a time when Christian can be at home with the kids), I would have to get up for the day at 5AM after only 2-3 hours of sleep. I am sorry, but I really need that 1 extra hour right now. I have tried doing yoga when exhausted and it is really not worth it.

So, yoga is pending Little Lady sleeping a few more hours at night.

I have the Wii EA Active game and I really enjoyed doing that after Little Sir. This might be my best bet out of the 3. The bloggers I know who participate in the #NintendoEnthused program say that there is some way to hook up the game so that we could keep each other accountable by logging our workouts. I am not sure how that works but I would be willing to try. I think the main thing that has kept me from doing this option so far is that I would have to do it during the kids’ naps. Right now I’ve been using nap time to either nap myself or get some of my part-time work and/or blogging and/or housework done. I would have to give up one or more of those things. I am reluctant to do that.

I just need to put on my big girl panties and overcome some of these obstacles, don’t I?

3 thoughts on “I probably need to work out

  1. abby says:

    I haven’t been to yoga in so long either and I don’t have kiddos to contend with.  Hope you can start going again soon. 

  2. Camilleta says:

    Netflix is like $8 a month and you can watch unlimited, instant exercise videos. They have yoga, aerobics, and some of the new things like the 30 day shred you see commercials on tv for. It’s nice because you can turn it on at nap time. Well, just a suggestion, it’s what works for me. =)

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