7 Quick Takes Friday #17

— 1 —

We’ve started watching Yo Gabba Gabba with the kids because Christian thinks DJ Lance Rock is awesome. Every time we watch the intro song, I mishear the lyrics.

Correct lyrics:
“He’s tall and friendly!”
“She’s pink and happy!”

What I hear:
“He’s so unfriendly”
“She’s freakin’ happy”

Mine would make a much more interesting show…

— 2 —

I went to a brand new Babies R Us this week with both kids and they have these cool new shopping carts…

…which can only hold one child!!

Yes, the “basket” part of the cart is completely made of mesh so there is no way you could put an infant carrier carrier and an older child in it at the same time (I tried, believe me). Or put your diaper bag anywhere.

Right on, ’cause why would I bring a baby into Babies R Us?!

And no one ever has more than one kid or a diaper bag, right?


— 3—

Speaking of 2 kids, Christian is going out of town for 24 hours for work this weekend, leaving me alone for dinner and baths for 2 nights. If you pray or meditate, please send prayers/thoughts my way! I’m still nursing on demand so I can’t even really drink wine at the end of the days.

— 4 —

I miss doing yoga.
I can’t wait until Little Lady sleeps through the night so I can start doing it again. Cause there is no way I am getting up at 1AM, 3AM, and then 5AM to go to yoga.

— 5 —

Don’t forget to check out my post about National Hunger Awareness Month. If even a few of my readers donate to a food bank this month as a result, I would be so thankful! Please do let me know if you do, too! I promise not to tell anyone 🙂

— 6 —

I’ll be blogging more over at Dallas Moms Blog, so make sure you’re following them too. And if you live in the area and have kids, I’d love to see you at their next open playgroup.

— 7 —

I do not miss full time work AT ALL. You can take those 9 hour days at the computer and shove it. My days are 24/7 now but I feel more relaxed overall. Except maybe after this weekend. I might need a massage.


Well that’s all for this week, be sure to visit Conversion Diary for links to more 7 Quick Takes Fridays.

4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday #17

  1. Helen says:

    Visiting from Jen’s blog . . . my first take on the carts was “cool” . . . but based on your logistical challenges with it, I agree: FAIL.

    If you don’t mind getting in some yoga at home, there are some great 20 minute DVDs out these days.  FWIW, My fave is A.M. Yoga For Your Week.

  2. Jenny Bradford says:

    I have a few DVD’s, I’ve just been having trouble figuring out when to do them since the 2 kiddos are around all day long and I have to do part time work during naps (or nap myself) and at night. Which is really no excuse. I should just do it while the kids are running around. Maybe the toddler would participate 🙂

  3. Heather Schmidt says:

    I’m glad you are loving staying home!  It’s been good for me, too- stressful, but a kind of stress I feel like I can manage, unlike work stress.  Congrats on making it through the weekend alone!  It’s no small feat!

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