Welcome some new bloggers!

Blogging is totally all the rage right now! While I’ve been blogging for something like 7 years now, I have some awesome in-real-life friends who have just started. I wanted to introduce you to them just in case your RSS feed isn’t full enough!

Five Days, Five Ways
I know Abbie from my hometown of Kilgore, Texas. She’s in the East Texas area, married and the mom of three kids. She and her brother, Shae, are friends of my brothers and mine from waaaay back. I don’t get to see her much in real life so I am really excited about her blogging! Because I like to stalk people that way. What I know about Abbie: she is a super fitness enthusiast and an awesome singer. I learned from the last few entries of her blog that she is also a budget fashionista and a craft-er(?). She is also one of the people who inspired me to natural childbirth!
Visit her today and leave her some comment love- she is hosting a fun rolled fabric corsage giveaway!

Live Simply Love
Merritt is a friend from my single days here in Dallas. I always loved hanging out with her in groups because she is a fellow vegetarian and therefore I was not alone! She and her husband are newly married and she will be blogging about married life. I just love the header picture on their blog. Since I’ve been married for 500 5 years now, I think it will be encouraging to hear from someone who is starting out and putting so much thought into the relationship… not that I don’t put thought into my marriage… it’s just that, well, sometimes that thought is more like: who will get up to find out why the toddler is screaming at 1AM?
Hopefully this blog will be encouraging for all of us who are reading to keep loving and respecting our spouse!
Visit her today and be encouraged!

Look for special guest posts from these lovely ladies in the upcoming weeks!

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  1. Merritt Onsa says:

    Thanks for the shout out Jenny! You encouraged me today!! Love your blog and look forward to returning the love! 🙂

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