Glasses USA: Buying eyeglasses online

Although I tend not to take many pictures of myself wearing them, I actually do wear eyeglasses most of the time – especially when I work. Before I worked on a computer all day I wore contacts, but staring a screen for 10 hours straight just glues those suckers straight to my eyeballs.

Over the years I’ve actually had fun with different styles of prescription eyeglasses (except for the ones in 6th grade…if you have a photo of me in those, please destroy that). I did the tortoise shell style for a while and right now I’ve got the kinda futuristic metal frames goin’ on.

The only unfortunate thing about wearing glasses is that I can’t wear sunglassses when I drive. Mainly because I am too cheap to buy another pair of glasses just wearing in the sun, and I don’t like the way those ones that darken when you go outside look (somebody I know had those and eventually they just darkened permanently and she was walking around with sunglasses inside all the time – yikes!).

So I was super excited when Business to Blogger connected me with a company that sells glasses online and was offering to let interested bloggers order glasses from their site. I decided to order sunglasses!

In addition to being economical to order extra pairs of glasses online, Glasses USA actually impressed me with their conscientious approach to any pairs of glasses that are returned. They told me:

We’re not just out to make money – we actually care about society! All of our returned eyeglasses are not restocked as they are with most optical stores. Ours are “recycled”! What does that mean? Well, we believe that everyone should have access to vision care. So, we donate all of our returned eyeglasses to various organizations around the US who then sanitize and redistribute the eyeglasses with the correct prescription to people all over the world who can’t afford vision care! Seeing properly shouldn’t be a luxury – it should be a necessity.

It should be noted that ordering glasses online is different in some ways than going in to your local eye doctor or box retail store. Here are my suggestions when ordering glasses from an online store:

  • You can’t try them on, so make sure you stick to basic shapes. Or be OK with returning them a few times.
  • There won’t be anyone to help you fit the glasses, so learn to do it yourself. Mine needed a little shaping, so after Googling “reshape eyeglasses” I realized I could use my baby’s bottle warmer to soften plastic glasses frames to reshape them. You’re welcome.
  • You do need to allow time for shipping. In my opinion, this is fine because the cost of the glasses is so much less. And I usually have old glasses I can wear while I wait.

Now for the fun part. Here is a photo of me in my new prescription sunglasses, BONUS: see my new haircut!

Glasses USA is also offering my readers 5% off their total order by using the code Mommy5 at checkout!

So go order yourself an extra pair of sunglasses too!

*Disclaimer: Yes, they gave me a mostly free pair of glasses to do this review. However, I paid for the tinting to make them sunglasses. And I think they are very nice and I am very excited. If I wasn’t, I would have found some crafty way to complain about it.

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