AT&T is stalking us

Does anyone else have cable/internet company representatives go door-to-door trying to sell upgraded packages of their services? We do, and lately it has been AT&T who, by the way, we already pay for our Internet, home phone, and mobile phones. We are already their customers.

But they will not leave us alone about upgrading. They want us to upgrade our internet, and frankly, we would love to do that – but we don’t want to buy cable. We do not pay for cable now and we do not intend to. However, they continue to insist we can’t get their amazing uVerse (It’s not so amazing. The service we have through them now spontaneously goes out and they don’t answer calls about lack of service.) without also buying cable.

Well, I take that back: when they come to our door they promise a lot of things, none of which they will put in writing. They claim we can sign up for cable just to get the package and then cancel it immediately but they won’t produce anything in writing or any kind of guarantee that doing that won’t incur tremendous fees.

Lately it has been one lady in particular. She has come to our house for 5 days straight now despite being told to go away and being blatantly ignored. Today I opened the door and told her, “We are not interested, please stop coming back”.

Does this seem weird to anyone else?
Why is our own internet company stalking us??

Also, I would love to switch to another service but they are the only company in our area who will sell us internet without also selling us cable. Although clearly, they’d like to remedy that situation…

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