Fun with recipes: Yummy Soup

For a while now, I have been saying that I would put all my recipes into the computer somehow. I started out transferring a good deal of them into a Word document. Then I printed them out and put them in a binder.

But that Word document was getting a little cumbersome as I added to it, so Christian went looking for some good recipe software for our Mac.

The one we found that I really like is Yummy Soup. I have been trying it for a few days and I think I am going to shell out the $20 and buy it!

Here are things I like about Yummy Soup:

    • It has a very cute icon. Seriously, I love this. It makes me fear the changes less.


  • It lets me copy and paste the recipes to easily import, and it’s recognition of the measurements is very precise so that I don’t have to retype or correct much.



  • It will also import recipes straight from or any other web site! Love it!!



  • I can add pictures. But who takes pictures of their food?! Well, now I do!



  • It does full-screen so that I can see the recipe in huge text from across the counter. This is awesome because I have had some issues with trying really hard not to spill food on my MacBook, having to keep it so close.



  • Even better, it will read the recipe to you out loud if you want. NICE.


The only thing it doesn’t have that I would like to see eventually is a corresponding iPhone app that would sync with the recipe library, making shopping easier. There was an app I found that did have that feature, but everything else about it completely sucked.

Yummy Soup wins!! Yay for Yummy Soup!

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