A Real Bed

Today our first real bed was delivered! When I was single, I always had a bed on just a metal bed frame holding it off the ground – no headboard/footboard or anything. For the first 2 years of our marriage we kept using that same bed frame. When we moved to this house last year, the bed frame was so beaten that it wouldn’t stand up any more so we bought a cheap platform bed from Target. But we have finally decided to grow up and get a real bed. There is an even longer story behind this….

First of all, our bedroom is very, very small. There is only room for the bed, and that’s it. There is no room for a bureau or anything else. All 4 of the walls are interrupted by something – two of the walls have 2 doors each and the 3rd and 4th walls have windows. It’s a weird layout, and was probably meant to be the guest room, but we like the windows a lot so we chose to stay in it instead of the other bedroom with the private bath.

Secondly, we need to empty out the closet in the guest room. This is part of a bigger project to relocate the office space to the front of the house. Where to put the things in the guest room closet? Well, I’d like to move them to the closets in our bedroom.

The Target bed gave us each a single drawer for storage. We keep all our other clothing in the closets and the shelves above the closet bar. Ergo, we decided to buy a real bed that has lots of storage underneath. Move the things that are in our closets now into the drawers under the bed, and use the freed-up space in the closets for some of the things that are in the guest room closet.

You see, this is all very integrated.

Nevertheless, check out this new bed! I am really excited about it.

Apparently it is also very green – made out of compressed farm-raised wood or something. Then explained it all to us at the store. It’s not like particle board or anything – it is about as heavy as oak, actually.

So, I know what I’ll be doing tonight – organizing my new drawers!

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