Making paper towels last longer: Twist Sponge Cloths

I have found that other web sites Have already reviewed this product. But, I wanted to tell those who might not have heard about a great little product that I think has really reduced the number of paper towels I am using in the last few months.

As you probably know, we have cats, and although they are “not allowed” on the kitchen counters, I am sure that they get up there when we aren’t around. For years I have used a lot of paper towels to wipe down those counters before I prepare food. Considering that I prepare food at least 3 times a day on the counters, that is a lot of wiping and a lot of paper towels. I haven’t been a big fan of sponges or washcloths for this task because they have the potential for a lot of bacteria, and I won’t wipe the counter with the same object I use to wash dishes, either.

I had seen Twist Sponge Cloths at Whole Foods several times in the past, but finally decided to try them out. The cool thing about these cloths is that they dry out completely and turn stiff when dry, so that they can’t harbor much bacteria. Also, when they are dirty, I just throw them into the dishwasher!

I think I’ve been using the same two cloths interchangeably for at least a month or more. When they finally do fall apart, they are completely biodegradeable!

I used to go through, say 1-2 rolls of paper towels per week. Now I am using more like 1 roll every 10 days. It might not be zero, but it’s getting closer!
Twist Sponge Cloths: thumbs up!

One thought on “Making paper towels last longer: Twist Sponge Cloths

  1. Elizabeth Wickland says:

    Have you ever heard of Norwex? ( for more information) I just discovered them this fall and I love their microfiber cloths! So does Leif, incidentally… he’s probably even more sold on them than I am. We try not to use paper towels or disposable products, but washcloths get very icky very quickly. I guess what makes Norwex different from other microfiber is that they are made with silver so they are naturally antibacterial. They clean and disinfect the surface, but actually kill the bacteria in the cloth so they don’t get stinky and moldy and breed more bacteria. They are guaranteed for 2 years, and you can wash them in your regular laundry, or just rinse them in boiling water to clean. The Norwex Mission is to improve human life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in cleaning and personal care.

    I’m actually having a Norwex party this week so I can get more of their stuff (I want a mop!), but my mom uses their cloths, too. No more windex, no more clorox spray, no more 409… It’s gone a long way toward reducing the number of paper towels and chemicals we use and kitchen cloths that we wash.

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