Decaffeinating tea

I was excited to get an early birthday present from my mother-in-law, today – more of the wonderful Tea of Life teas (affiliate link) that I have become addicted to! I swear I can’t find them anywhere around here, so I am super glad she bought me some more. She also bought me a huge box of some new teas I have not tried.

I really have been drinking more tea lately, partially to keep me warm and partially because it helps me drink more liquids. I tend to slack off on the amount of water I consume in the winter because water is cold and it makes me cold. So I’d been drinking tea.

Of course, I have already been having trouble sleeping, so I started to become concerned about the amount of caffeine I could be in taking with this tea. I remember I was on a discussion board online a while back and someone mentioned that there is a way to naturally decaffeinate any tea that you have. So I did the marvelous Google search, which I am sure any of you could do just as well, and found a video from the Food Network about decaffeinating your tea, which is no longer available. 🙁

Happy decaffeinating!