Christmas pics

Today we are cleaning out the closet and storage that has been in the guestroom and I am uploading photos and videos of Christmas! I finally have a Flickr Pro account, which means I can upload more photos and create more photo sets. Here are some main shots, click on them to see the whole set or to see other photos:
* NOTE: You will have to be listed as one of my Friends or Family on Flickr in order to see these photos. My screenname is ynnejdorfdarb. Log in to using your Yahoo or Flickr account, find me, and add me as a friend so that I can then add you as Friend or Family.

First, I have a whole set of photos of Natali (my niece) and her Christmas:
Next, there are a few of Christmas Day – click on this photo to see pictures of gifts and after-lunch gun-shooting. Yes, this is East Texas 🙂
And finally, a video of Natali opening gifts! My camera does not have sound, so I put a song over it. She is the cutest!!

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