American Health Care stinks

As some of you know, I have had severe stomach problems for most of my life. In the last few years it got so bad that I went to a specialist. I hadn’t been able to live without pretty crippling pain for several years. My boss at the time suggested a great stomach doctor who did some testing and then put me on a medicine called Zegerid which has magically cleared up all my stomache issues! It was a complete miracle and I have been so thankful to live like a normal person without the persistent pain.

So, we had to switch health insurance again when I changed jobs – we went to Christian’s company’s insurance. They are something like the 3rd biggest company in the world, so I expected their insurance to be pretty good. However, I tried to refill my Zegerid prescription through them and today they told me that the insurance company has a deal with Nexium, so that they will not cover Zegerid. Zegerid costs $127/month without the prescription. Needless to say, we can’t afford that.

Apparently if my doctor called the insurance company and tried to fight it, they might allow coverage of Zegerid. But the stomach doctor’s office has a policy that they will not talk directly to insurance companies at all, for any reason.

I have been trying to read on the internet about the differences between Zegerid and Nexium. I can tell they contain completely different drugs, but I don’t understand the differences. I can’t understand most of the articles.

I have about 6 more Zegerid pills left. As soon as I stop taking them, the pain will come back. This happened the last time I switched insurances and had trouble ordering Zegerid from the mail order pharmacy, so I know how long it will be until the pain hits. I am really worried about this because the pain is very distracting. I usually stop eating much of anything because I am not hungry due to the pain. So, if you think about it…say some prayers that Christian and I could maybe figure out what to do. I am really dreading the return of the pain.