Antibiotics! Antibiotics for everyone!

I wanted to write something really great and provocative and insightful today, but no. What you have is an update about my family’s sickness. Sorry about that!

I caved and went to CareNow first thing this morning since my cough is progressing and I can’t afford to let it turn into full-blown sickness while I am caring for two kids all day. Fortunately, I don’t have bronchitis like Christian – only an upper respiratory infection. The doctor gave me antibiotics too, but not the insane amount that she gave Christian, just regular pills. She wanted to give me steroid cough suppressants also, but I declined those. So far, the homemade cough syrup works just fine for me.

We also went ahead and took the kids into our pediatrician’s Saturday clinic this morning just in case. Little Sir actually seems fine but has a cough that I was afraid might be contagious. Poor Little Lady sounds much worse, but since she’s only 8.5 months old, they can’t really give her anything. It’s back to humidifier/nose saline/Nose Frida and the Kick-It Immune drops for them, I guess. She can’t have the homemade cough syrup because it contains honey. I do love our pediatrician and her partner doctors, because they never over-prescribe antibiotics. They told us that we could fill a prescription if we wanted to for Little Sir, but they’d recommend just treating the symptoms and letting their immune systems battle it out for now, since it’s not a full-blown infection yet.

Well, gotta go – the kids just got home from the doctor!