Everyone gets sick

I am so out of random ideas due to NaBloPoMo that I can’t think of 7 things for 7 Quick Takes Friday this week.

What’s new here: for the first time since I have known him – including while we were dating and the last 6 years that I have been married to him – my husband got sick. Seriously, I was starting to wonder if he was Unbreakable or something because I have never seen him truly sick in all that time. But when the whole family got the flu mist vaccine (except the baby, she got the shot), it took down his respiratory system and ultimately turned into bronchitis and sinusitis. They gave him what is called an “antibiotic bomb” which is a small jug of liquid that you chug, it’s pure antibiotic. Then they gave him something that is actually stronger than a Z-pack of antibiotics in addition to that, and then some high-power cough suppressant. Even with all that, he still sounds slightly like death when he coughs. It was a really bad infection!

Now you might be saying, “but Jenny, you are all green and stuff – why so many harsh meds?”. For one thing, I draw the line at the point where someone is going to die or be hospitalized. You totally do need medication before that happens. But if you think you can beat it with homeopathic treatments, I say try those!

We did try some neat natural remedies before it got to the horrible scary phase.
One is that I made my own cough syrup and it wasn’t half bad.

He also tried taking tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. And, of course, humidifiers, vaporub, and herbal tea.

Now that he’s been diagnosed and treated, my main concern is that the kids don’t get it. Unfortunately, they’ve both got coughs now. They were sent home from Mother’s Day Out an hour early yesterday because Little Sir has random red dots on his chest (?). They don’t seem to itch or hurt and they haven’t changed at all in 48 hours except to get lighter. So I was actually kind of annoyed about that because I think he is fine.

Here are some things I’m doing to help keep them healthy:

  • I bought these Kick-It Immune herbal drops from Natural Grocer and am trying to get them to take it. Of course, the baby doesn’t know enough to protest but the toddler… he spits that stuff right back out.
  • I brew Kids Cold Care herbal tea and refrigerate it to put in the toddler’s sippy. He thinks it’s “juice”.
  • Everyone is sleeping with humidifiers.
  • Everyone is sleeping with vaporub.
  • Daddy wasn’t allowed to hug or cuddle anybody much the first 24 hours until his antibiotics kicked in.
  • We are making Daddy use hand sanitizer.

Are there any other things you’d suggest to help keep the kiddos healthy?

2 thoughts on “Everyone gets sick

  1. Heather Schmidt says:

    No more real hints here to keep the kids healthy besides just keeping Christian quarantined as much as you can (hard with kids, I know) and washing hands a lot.  That sounds intense- I really hope the antibiotic kicks in and he is better soon.  The whole jug of antibiotics thing sounds disgusting!

    Oh- and the dots on the chest thing has happened to both of our kids and been absolutely nothing.  I know it can mean a virus, but it never presented itself to be one for them.

  2. Momo Fali says:

    The red dots could have been blood vessels that had burst from the strain of coughing. My son used to get red dots on his face all the time from chocking and vomiting (he’s a gaggy, reflux, vomity kid).

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